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The recovery of Overdue Debts, has never been so easy and quick. Especially the Debts which located in countries outside of Vietnam. What is the optimal solution to handle overdue debts for SMEs in Vietnam...?


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Domestic Debt 
The debtor is Vietnam enterprise
  • Don't want to lose the long-term relationship with partners
  • Don't want to waste time dealing with overdue amounts, you can focus on your own business
  • Don't want to lose more money, many hidden costs when hiring a Lawyer

Under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is even more difficult to collect overdue amounts. There are many problems which businesses have to face when dealing with overdue amounts, but...

International Debt 
The debtor is a foreign-headquartered enterprise
  • It is difficult to determine the address and legal status when the debt arises.
  • Language barrier, time zone difference
  • Legal differences between countries.

Common problems when dealing with Overdue Amounts

Identify the problem as soon as possible

To limit the arising of bad debt, the sooner a business can identify a problem debt, the better, because the older the debt is, the more difficult it is to recover. Businesses need to understand the following things to quickly determine which Debt has a problem and quickly handle it.
 - List of Debts - Debt Age
 - Track payment schedules and payment history.
 - Debt Verification


Contact - Submit a request for the cases you need to process.

Once you have identified a bad Debt, you will find it difficult to manage your Debt list and take time to resolve disputes. You want to focus all of your time on your business to maintain operations through the crisis brought about by Covid-19. Language differences, time zone differences, and difficulties in traveling due to the Covid-19 epidemic are also barriers. Contact HTN Financial Solutions so we can do it for you.


Register to use the service

After evaluating the case, HTN will provide the solution to you. Agree to the terms and sign the agreement to become our customer to get better support!


Many businesses are very subjective in managing debts, even not paying attention to monitoring them until they turn into Overdue Amounts. At that time, they just realise that they have to find a way to solve them.


Before signing up for the service

Handing over the case

You hand over one or more cases to be processed through the private exchange management portal we provide to you. You can provide us with as much Debtor contact information and supporting documents (such as copy of invoice, contract, statement of Debt and related documents)! You will receive our confirmation for each of the cases you submit.


Carrying out to process your cases

Professional staff use phone calls, emails and letters from the form as required by law to contact your business partner, we will try to solve the problem so that you can recover money quickly! We will begin working on the issues that led to your case being overdue . So you can focus on your core business.


After registering for the service

Assess payment ability

We represent your business to work with individuals and organizations related to the transferred documents. After contacting your Debtor several times, we assess the Debtor's financial situation, goodwill to cooperate, recovery progress and modify the process accordingly. We may continue with the original collection method or recommend the following strategies to you, for example:
 - Payment plan
 - Legal action


Progress reports

We will monitor the update of Deposit Slips or urge the related individuals and organizations to perform payment obligations according to the agreed payment schedule and update information on the payment process as well via the online customer portal that we provide to you. Our professional staff will always be ready to assist you if you have any questions during our process. We will update or may contact you for more information, to consult or to request approval of certain procedures to assist with the processing of your case.


Conduct professional work 

Our work begin immediately after receiving your case. Our professional staff is experienced in case processing, legal processes, local culture and speaks the same language as your partner (in case the case needs to be processed outside of Vietnam). Our staff will represent your business to work with individuals and organizations related to the transferred documents. These factors help us to handle your cases successfully, while respecting your customer relationships


Service Fee

After agreeing with the payment schedule, the Debtor will directly pay to the account you provide, we will track the payment based on the deposit slip. Our aim is to provide fast and efficient settlement of Debts, while maintaining your valuable business relationships with customers. We will initiate a fee based on the actual amount the Debtor pays you.


After Service Deployment


Submit a request for the cases you need to process

Submit the case information you want to consult, the name of the non-paying company, and related information according to the instructions. After verifying and evaluating your case, we will advise the most suitable solution.

How to receive a free consultation on settlement of Overdue Debts?

It only takes 1 minute for you to receive advice from us. Send your issues to us whenever you are ready and wait for your overdue amounts to be transferred directly to your account, just follow these steps: 

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Customers can easily contact HTN Financial Solutions by clicking to meet a consultant directly or send information for us to contact you again. 



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We only advise the commercial debt – Your business and your debtor have to be legal entities. We DO NOT advise personal debt. 

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